September 30, 2023

WHO members call for ‘transparent, equitable, timely access’ to any treatments for COVID-19

WHO 총회서 코로나19 치료제•백신의 공정한 유통 결의

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Countries taking part in the WHO’s annual assembly have agreed on the need for a transparent and fair access to vaccines and treatment against COVID-19, which has infected almost five million people globally.
They also endorsed a resolution tabled by the EU to start an independent probe into the WHO’s response to the pandemic.
Kim Hyo-sun reports.
The 194 member states of the World Health Organization are calling for the need for transparent, equitable and timely access to any treatments or vaccines developed against COVID-19.
During the World Health Assembly meeting on Tuesday,…held virtually,… its members also agreed to launch an independent probe into the WHO’s handling of the pandemic.
The agreement came as the European Union initiated a resolution calling for a comprehensive, impartial and independent assessment of the agency’s response.
It was endorsed by nearly one-hundred member states.
Welcoming the resolution,… the WHO chief highlighted the principles of transparency and accountability.
“As always, WHO remains fully committed to transparency, accountability and continuous improvement. We want accountability more than anyone.”
The resolution was supported by China and the U.S.,… who have been at odds over the WHO, following the Trump administration’s threats to withdraw from the agency.
On the day of the meeting,… President Trump threatened to permanently halt funding for the WHO if it does not commit to improvements within 30 days.
Washington, however, was criticized by the EU for weakening multilateral cooperation and coordination in the face of a global crisis.
On the sidelines,… the issue of enabling Taiwan to attend the conference was also a hot topic.
In the run-up to the meeting,… calls for Taiwan to be allowed to join, led mainly by the U.S.,… threatened to anger Beijing, which has blocked Taiwan from attending since 2016, under its one-China policy.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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