June 14, 2021


The Persevering Purple Ribbon, LLC is committed to fostering, supporting and promoting the power of human perseverance. We utilize the Persevering Purple Ribbon as a unifying symbol of resilience for those affected physically, socially and financially by COVID-19. Our alignment with those affected stems from our core principles:

The growth of humanity born from the inevitable change in thought and circumstances which underlies our goal to empower people through Persevering Purple Ribbon Ribbon, LLC.

Individual resilience is a foundation for social growth and collective struggles to overcome adversities like COVID-19

The power of symbols as identifiers and reminders of universal struggles and unifiers of humanity through emblems like the Persevering Purple Ribbon.

Providing financial support to those in need is a hallmark of our effort toward unity as a tool to persevere through hardships

As we face the negative, life-altering effects of COVID-19, we embrace the positive potential in society and are moving it forward.



Insight on handling the effects of covid

Layer steps to protect against COVID-19

Layer steps to help protect yourself from #COVID19. #WearAMask. Stay at least 6 feet from people who don’t live with you. Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. Wash your hands often. Get a COVID-19 vaccine when it’s your turn. Source by cdcgov

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