March 24, 2023


PPR (Persevering Purple Ribbon LLC) is a Public Health Service Business. We foster, support and promote the power of human perseverance while heightening COVID-awareness. We provide this service through our website, social media, merchandise, productive partnerships, and giveaways. We utilize the Persevering Purple Ribbon as a unifying symbol of resilience for those affected physically, socially and financially by COVID-19. PPR is the official pandemic survivor symbol that represents the survivors and honors our fallen, while simultaneously demarcating the Covid era. Our alignment with those affected stems from our core principles:

• Individual resilience is a foundation for social growth and collective struggles to  overcome adversities like COVID-19.

• The power of symbols as identifiers and reminders of universal struggles and unifiers of humanity though emblems like the Persevering Purple Ribbon.

• Providing financial assistance in various forms to aid and support those in need. This is a hallmark of our effort toward unity as a tool to persevere through hardships.

As we face the negative, life-altering effects of COVID-19, we embrace the positive potential in society and PPR celebrates those who are persevering on many levels through the Covid Era.

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